Join Dunfermline Choral Union

If you love singing as much as we do, we’d love you to join us.

The enrolment period is in August. We do not normally enrol outside that time although you can apply at any time.

Choir rehearsals are a vital part of DCU’s on-going pursuit of excellence in performance.

Rehearsals are designed to improve the quality of the music we perform and we do not wish them to be note learning exercises. It is expected that members will spend time at home becoming familiar with the notes so that rehearsals can concentrate on the musical performance. We provide assistance for those who are not sight readers to achieve this, through, for example, the provision of audio practice files.

Regular attendance is essential. Any member whose attendance falls below 70% in any term is asked to consider whether or not he/she is sufficiently prepared to perform in the concert.

Members are expected to pay for all rehearsals, within each session, whether they are able to attend or not. Members are encouraged to attend even if they are unable to take part in a rehearsal (for example due to sore throat, or similar). Even if not able to take part, there is a lot to be learned from listening.

Before applying, please ensure that you are able to commit to rehearsal dates.

Your annual and weekly subscriptions can be treated by HMRC as donations under the Gift Aid scheme. Under this scheme, if you are a tax payer, the DCU can claim from HMRC the tax you paid on income that you use to pay your subs. If you wish your subscriptions to be treated as Gift Aid donations, you need to have completed a Gift Aid mandate form. N.B. You only need to do this once, unless you change address or are no longer paying sufficient Tax (about £30) to cover the claim. Forms available on request from the treasurer (Ian Pirrie) or Subscription Rep (Susan Paterson).